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Concrete Cancer Treatment and Repair

Concrete cancer is when the reinforcement within concrete begins to expand through rust causing spalling, cracks, chips and leading to major structural deficiencies. The rust works away under the surface of the concrete and so a small tell-tale area on the surface may belie a far greater issue underneath.

Left untreated the concrete cancer will grow at about 5 times per year and so the earlier this is addressed the better.

Within a relatively short period of time your building may become dangerous and ultimately condemned.

It is vital that if you see rust spots, chips or cracks that you contact a qualified and licensed concrete repair specialist as soon as possible.

Call 0423 53 99 66 to arrange an obligation-free on-site meeting.

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Waterproofing and Protection

Living in a coastal area brings many lifestyle advantages but one of the hidden issues is the high likelihood of the salt and chlorides from the ocean eventually making its way into the concrete reinforcement of your building.

Rather than waiting for the tell-tale signs of concrete cancer there are a number of treatments and preventative measures that can be undertaken.

Waterproofing the surface is a process of using specialised finishes to help keep the corrosive elements away from your concrete.

Another preventative treatment can be the use of anodes employing electrolysis to counter-act the rust process.

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Swimming Pool Repairs

Swimming pools are particularly susceptible to the ravages of salt and chlorine because they are in constant and concentrated contact with these elements. Even a hairline crack or damage to the protective lining of your pool can lead to rampant concrete cancer.

If you notice any rust spots, cracks or chips, don't delay in contacting us so we can provide an appraisal and estimate. Call us on 0423 53 99 66.

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On-site Diagnosis and obligation-free Estimate

Please contact us if you have any concerns about your building. We can make a thorough appraisal of any potential issues and provide you with a detailed proposal on treatment and/or repair.

We endeavour to explain thoroughly and jargon-free what the issues are, what the impact is likely to be if left untreated (or treated incorrectly), and what the options are for treatment and repair.

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