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Sunshine Coast Concrete Repairs is a fully licensed building company with over 30 years experience that only works on concrete repair. Being a fully licensed builder, we can carry out any required structural works. We understand the issues and go about our task with diligence and expertise. And we go out of our way to show you clearly what the issues are and the best method of treatment.

As specialist concrete repairers we ensure we are always on the cutting edge with new treatment products and knowledge, providing our customers with a ‘best practice’ approach to their concrete repair needs. These specialist skills lead to a thorough final job, tasked quickly and efficiently, resulting in a cost effective solution.

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The first signs that your building may need concrete repair treatment is usually minor chipping, cracking, spalling or delamination. Sometimes this is on the surface and is relatively easy to repair. But often it is a sign that there are deeper issues that need urgent attention.

Concrete cancer is when the reinforcing steel in concrete oxidises (rusts) and expands. This has two dangerous side effects. First it eats away at the important reinforcement leaving no structural strength within the slab. And secondly it expands to the point the binding in the concrete gives way leading to the tell-tale cracks and spalling.

Left untreated this damage grows exponentially at a rate of up to 5 times per year. So considering a 10cm affected section, if left untreated for one year this section may be half a metre. Left for a second year it may be up to 2 and a half metres. And so on until a building is no longer safe and is condemned.

Critically, sealing in rust is not a solution to the problem. If sealed away from air and elements the steel should be perfectly protected. But if even the smallest of cracks allows moisture to affect the steel then that is when oxidation (rust) begins. Rust is an electrochemical reaction that can feed on itself so once started the reaction will continue until it can find no ferrous material. It can also leach a small distance through concrete.

Due to the critical nature of the potential issues you should always use licensed, qualified and experienced concrete repair teams to ensure the damage is correctly identified, repaired and sealed. If an inexperienced team treats the surface issues and seals in oxidising steel the problem has not been treated and will continue to deteriorate.

Our motto is ‘The best solution. The smart choice’. The best solution is one that is as cost effective as possible that solves the issue – not just patching the visual symptoms. The smart choice is in using a company that fully understands and specialises in concrete repair.

Sunshine Coast Concrete Repairs offers the best solution. And is the smart choice.!

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